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Hydraulic oil replacement

Issuing time:2021-12-19 02:01

There is no specific time for changing the hydraulic oil.

Enterprises with high-precision oil filters replace them every two or three months to keep the hydraulic oil clean all the time. 1. Visually check the oil change method. It is based on the experience of maintenance personnel and some normal state changes of oil observed by the naked eye, such as oil blackening, smelling, milky white, etc.

2. Change the oil regularly. According to the environmental conditions, working conditions and oil change cycle of the place where the equipment is located, the equipment shall be replaced when it is due. This method is very suitable for many hydraulic equipment enterprises.

3. Sampling and analysis. Regularly sample and test the oil in the hydraulic press, measure the necessary items and indicators, and compare the actual measured value of oil quality with the specified oil quality degradation standard to determine whether the oil should be replaced.

Requirements for hydraulic oil:

1. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature performance to ensure accurate and sensitive power transmission under the condition of changing working temperature, and ensure the normal lubrication of hydraulic components.

2. It has good rust resistance and anti-oxidation safety, is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate under high temperature and high pressure, and has long service life.

3, good foam resistance, so that the oil generated under the continuous stirring of machinery, the foam is easy to disappear, so that the power transmission is stable, to avoid accelerated oxidation of hydraulic oil.

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